We help our clients reach the peaks of their business journey. With a strategic map, a tactical plan, necessary tools, creative energy and a sense of humor - we will help you reach any summit on your business plan!

Strategic Planning:

We help our clients with goals that are based on information drawn from your customers’ opinions and actions in the marketplace.

Account Service:

Your right hand...and your left when it comes to being responsible for planning and implementing strategic marketing campaigns.

Media Services:

We hold a respectable reputation for being unrelenting in our negotiations. Our no nonsense approach gets the job done with swift execution and flawless implementation.


Public relations, also known as Media Relations, is a critical component of your company's overall marketing plan. Often overlooked in both its value and visibility, TMT's voice as a PR proponent is heard from coast to coast. Why? Because it works. We understand how your customers are influenced by what they see, hear and read in the press. They don't just make buying decisions based on traditional advertising, but on how favorably your company is portrayed by the editorial media as well. And this has never been more important and apparent than right now -- at a time when social media is changing the landscape with how news content is delivered to your customer! We join in the conversation by putting your company's story out there.

Creative Services:

In any advertising medium you only have a few seconds to catch your prospects eye and grab their attention. Your brand is the superstar and your offer has to be clear in order to get positive results. Our goal is to help you stand out from your competition by creating unique and smart graphic solutions that are on-target, on-time and on-budget.